Why Choose Us?

Biopark's ultimate goal is to offer natural and healthy alternatives to conventional cosmetics - because nature offers everything we need for good health and well-being.

Biopark Cosmetics offers a wide range of carrier oils, essential oils, hydrosols, plant and mineral powders and other plant products.

The products are furthermore not tested on animals, are tested according to EU rules, and are characterized by a unique price-performance ratio. Finally, it is part of the company philosophy to make healthy and natural products available to everyone - because at Biopark is convinced that a healthy lifestyle should not be a pecuniary question!They have designed the labels themselves and filled their products by hand with the utmost care and love. The production results in high quality products available at a fair price. In addition, only certified organic raw materials are processed by Biopark . All Biopark products have been certified as natural or organic cosmetics by the Slovenian Institute Kon-Cert.

Biopark products are 100%:


-Free from SLS & SLES

-Free of paraben & other harmful substances

-Not tested on animals

-Certified natural or organic cosmetics

About Us

Peter and Tejka


Biopark is a company founded in 2007  with experience in producing and selling natural cosmetics. The founders - Peter and Tejka Novšak - see their work in a broader context than just in sales. Their mission is to provide support for a natural and higher quality lifestyle. Their love and passion for nature and the environment is also reflected in the company's philosophy.


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